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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I rent a cabin?
    We have beautiful cabins available for private overnight stays across the lake from the boat rental. Just give us a call to schedule your customized overnight/multi-night adventure and be on the lookout for our new booking site coming soon!
  • Can I fish from the shore at Quartz Lake?
    You can try, but there has been a boat rental at Quartz Lake since the 1980’s because shore fishing is virtuously impossible. Boats are inexpensive and the fishing out on the lake is outstanding!
  • Is there a public dock at Quartz Lake Recreation Area?
    No, there is not. The only dock is private and belongs to the Quartz Lake Boat Rental. It is the home for our fishing boat fleet and for boat rental customer use only.
  • Where is the boat rental at Quartz Lake?
    The boat rental is in the Quartz Lake Recreation Area by the boat launch on the shores of Quartz Lake. Look for our beautiful floating dock!
  • Do you supply the fishing poles and lures?
    We encourage our customers to come with their own rods and tackle. However, we have a few poles set up with lures on site for our customers to use. We also have poles and tackle for purchase at the boat rental.
  • Do I have to pay to park if I rent a boat?
    Yes. The campground is managed by a local contractor. There is a $5.00 cash fee to park at the campground, payable at the iron ranger.
  • Do I need a fishing license?
    The State of Alaska requires anyone over the age of 18 to obtain a fishing license. Non-residents under the age of 16 do not need a sport fishing license. You can obtain one by visiting: General Information Frequently Asked Questions, Fishing and Hunting Licenses, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • What kind on fish will I catch?
    The lake is stocked annually with rainbow trout, arctic char and coho salmon.
  • How many fish can I keep?
    The limit is 10 fish per person—only 1 of the 10 fish you keep can be 18” or larger. We encourage catch and release or keep and eat!
  • What bait should I bring?
    These fish like bait! Salmon eggs, power bait, and shrimp are available for purchase at the boat rental. We have lots of “bait info” to pass on from our customers: hot dogs, lunch meat, Spam, herring, worms, marshmallows, cheese, corn, just to name a few! Jigging and spinners are the most popular fishing methods
  • Where is the best fishing?
    Fishing is best on the right-hand side of the lake--across the center where the lily pads grow. The big fish are hanging out at the bottom waiting for bait!
  • Can I customize my boat rental hours for overnight, multi day, or longer than 4 hours?
    Absolutely! Just call us…
  • Where can I buy merchandise?
    Our merchandise is available for purchase at the Quartz Lake Boat Rental. If you would like to have your purchase delivered to Fairbanks or mailed to you just give us a call.
  • Are dogs welcome?
    Absolutely! We love dogs and dogs love fishing. Your furry friend is welcome on all our boats with the exception of the Bayliner Ski boat.
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